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我们希望你能提供我们以下的文件: - 注册证书副本一份(如果有) -身份证明副本一份(身份证,通行证)


完整的应该是Anybody who is interested,然后省略who is,所以不是interesting,而是interested。

3、NPI Project leader will call NPD/ NPT kick off meeting with all team members from cross function, distribute all information to each members, ask ...

ask and answer questions with the following information 用以下信息提问和回答问题 1 Now work together with your partner and ask and answer questions about the sweets. 将班上的学生分成两组,让学生练习提问和回答有关的糖果的问题。 ...

B 本题考查动词。quit离开;辞职;acquire获得;convince使确信;advocate提倡;主张。句意:如果你问许多不同的问题,你将获得你需要知道的所有信息。选B。

1.To express a desire for; ask for (表达愿望;要求)如:requested information about the experiment要求看资料; requested to see the evidence firsthand 要求...

ask for information 基本翻译 获取信息 网络释义 Ask for Information:获取信息|照会|打听消息 ask for some information:询问信息 ask for information/help:寻求信息/帮助

In addition, group study allows for varied views, insights and information ...In groups, I can ask more, I can ask anything unclear.Secondly, in ...


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